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The Wedding Invitation

This is what I feel the Lord is saying to you:

To My dearest heart: to the broken, the shallow, the proud, and the humble. You are invited. The wedding is soon to begin.

The banquet hall is ready. There is room for many. The tables are set, but there are no guests. Nobody had responded to My invites, so I have made My celebrations open to all.

I have sent my servants all over the world to invite the broken, the, hurting, the outcasts, and the downtrodden to be My guests of honour.

My servants have had a challenging time- some were ignored, others beaten; even killed for the sake of not accepting this prestegious invite. Meanwhile, others have been welcomed with open arms and I have even eaten with them before.

Matthew 5:11

I am calling you by name to ready yourself for the feast. Wash yourself in My Word and put on your wedding clothes. These are not physical clothes. I see what is in your heart and how you wear it: Repentance. Gratitude. Love. Joy. Peace. Righteousness. Purity. Honour. Forgiveness. Unity… Faith. Wear your prayers like incense over you. If you do not have the correct attire, you will not be permitted to enter. No grave clothes are permitted. This is the wedding…

There is not much time left before the doors begin to close and the ceremony will soon begin. Many have already entered, I have known them by the condition of their hearts. I can see that they have spent time with My Son, the Groom, and know His friendship.

Matthew 25:10-12

The Bride is almost ready, there are a few final details to be done. Should you choose to accept this invitation, RSVP to John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 for further details.

The songs of joy and celebration have begun…

Luke 15:7

The Wedding

Brothers and sisters!
Get ready…
Prepare yourselves!
All are invited-
Few will accept;
Nobody knows when,
But all will see…
The marriage between
The Son of our Father…
And His bride.

Here is the groom…
So pure at heart,
A light to us all.
Clothed in majesty and love
Both inside and out,
How eager and nervous He looks!
Our Father has planned this
Since the beginning of time…

Here she is!
The bride has arrived…
All in unity;
Wearing a dazzling white dress.
It surely is a sight
That must be seen!
Angelic voices start to sing,
The trumpets are blowing.
She glides down the aisle
Towards her husband,
They embrace with a holy kiss.
The two have become one…
One body,
One soul,
One spirit.

Richard Lionheart
Romans 11:36
(25 Mar ’07)

These words have been written in faith and by the grace of the Lord. So be it.


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