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Poem #5- Writing in Faith

This is what I feel like whenever I write!

Here is a poem that was inspired by a revelation I received from John chapter 1.

Little did I know at the time, I was learning to write in the flow of the Holy Spirit. The first thing that came to my heart, I just wrote. Some things just didn’t make sense, but it felt right being there.

The Lord and His Word

In the beginning…
You were there for us
The emptiness was gone, and day had arrived;
Moulding and preparing us
One day at the time.

You are the Cornerstone of our foundation- unshakeable;
The precious Milk of Life- Nourishing and refreshing;
The Sword and Armour of Your army- impenetrable
It is our wisdom at all times- faultless!
It is the text book
For our spiritual walk in your divine presence- righteous.

Through it, covenants are revealed-
Both old and new.
Prophesies are fulfilled…
Even today!
The visions, dreams and revelations
Show your boundless creativity!
You have shown us the authority that we have,
Given to us through Your Son.
Through your Holy Spirit…
Its secrets are revealed!
Your Word, Father God,
Is with You…
And the Word is YOU!

Richard Lionheart
Romans 11:36
(12 Apr ’07)

Credit: Richard Lionheart

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