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How Deep Do You Want To Go?

I absolutely love pondering about the Lord. Everyday I am asking Him questions, not just about the mysteries of God, but the menial and trivial things as I walk with Him in this life. I love to include Him in the mundane things. Being a child of God, why not be as a child in His presence? As a child to a father. A childlikeness and not a childishness. What do children love to do? Ask questions! A lot of them! So why not be the same?

The Lord is deep. Real deep. Sometimes it can feel intimidating… kind of like that uncertain feeling when you are in a body of water and your feet are not touching any ground. Are we afraid that we will not be able to touch solid ground while trying to keep your head above the water- not knowing the limits of His depth?

I want to encourage you to take the plunge. It’s not about finding the limits of His depth… but the adventure of the journey is how deep are you willing to go? What we will find there as we push deeper, our human minds cannot perceive… until we get there. I believe that it all begins with a relationship. The God of the universe is wanting a relationship with you. You read it right. The One who spoke the universe into being knows you- and He wants you to know Him intimately.

An example of my pondering process:

It is written that “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. His Son Jesus said that He is the Alpha And Omega- ‘The Beginning’ and ‘The End’ and that God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through him. The very notion of this was proven in the opening words of the Bible: “In ‘The Beginning’ (Jesus), God created the heavens and the earth”. This was His Son. His only Son. His only heir. Although you are His workmanship, His standards to know Him were high- and because we were deceived to try and be Godlike instead of Godly, it was too great to do it alone. He knew this- and He was willing to give up anything and everything that was dearest to Him just to gain… you. It was this same Jesus that humbled Himself as a human being on a blue speck of dust called Earth in the vastness of the universe… just because He loves you so.

He made a way, despite our shortcomings, but it cost Him something dearly. A part of Himself- His only Son. He traded the life of His beloved Son to take the consequences of your infirmities, dying the worst possible way- being whipped and beaten and nailed to a cross and left to die. In the process, He conquered death beyond all human logical odds when He rose back to life three days later… so that you can take on the consequences of His righteousness – life eternal, an opportunity of a relationship with God. Really, with all my heart, I ask you… would you trade your child’s life for the worst criminal to spare his life, to take the chair or the needle in his place in the hope of changing that person’s life for the better? God did just that for you, but on a far grander scale.

However, God has given us a free will in the hope that you would accept this gift of life, this opportunity, providing the only way to have a friendship/ relationship with Him- through His Son. It makes me think to myself… what kind of love is this?

How about you? The choice is yours. Believe in Him!

The quirky song below just epitomizes perfectly on a daily basis what swirls in my brain.

Credit: Chris Rice/ churchofthespirit

When I’m alone, I tend to ponder a lot. While just beginning this poetic journey with the Lord, a thought just randomly popped into my head while working in a small backyard business: what would a conversation between Father and Son look like? What would they talk about? So I brought it before the Lord and asked Him, and this is what He showed me:

Father and Son

Dearest Son of Mine,
To whom I have given the world…
It is through You I have forgiven.
Through Your blood
I have cleansed man.
It is Your divine light
That chases the darkness
And consumes all evil.
Your obedience is honoured by all,
Including Myself.
Your willingness to please
Has made Me glad.
Your Faith has filled Me
With immense joy.
You have done well, beloved Son.

O loving Father,
Your lessons are truly a blessing,
Road signs in the path of life.
I have given to the poor
And I have fed the hungry.
In the authority that You have given Me,
The blind can see,
The lame can walk,
Bondages have been broken.
There is nothing that pleases Me more
Than to serve you.
For You I have humbled Myself
As an earthly man,
Who knew no sin, born of God.
For Your love of man
My body has been broken
And my blood has been shed to cleanse them
Of their sins.
Whoever calls upon My name
With a sincere heart
And confesses with his mouth,
That I am Lord in heaven,
Saviour on earth…
My Spirit will live in him.
I thank You Father,
That it is Your will
And not the will of man that is done.

Richard Lionheart
Romans 11:36
(29 Mar 2007)

John 3: 16, 17

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